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Pervious Concrete Contractor Certification


The NRMCA administers this certification program for individuals. It does not certify companies that install pervious concrete. Three levels of certification are identified:

Pervious Concrete Technician

Pervious Concrete Installer

Pervious Concrete Craftsman


Clear criteria established for these levels validate that the individual is familiar with a body of knowledge related to pervious concrete by passing a written test. The body of knowledge is based on a text provided to the applicants. For the Installer and Craftsman level, additionally, the individual is required to document project or work experience. Industry standards such as ACI 522.1 suggest ensuring that the company employed to install pervious concrete pavements include certified individuals on their crew. It should be recognized that many of the certified individuals listed by NRMCA may not install or be proficient in installation of pervious concrete pavements. This is particularly true for the Technician level.

NRMCA certification is awarded when an individual has completed the criteria to be certified. Certification does not imply proficiency in conducting the work. NRMCA does not imply a recommendation by listing certified individuals and the companies they are associated with. It is the prerogative of the owner wishing to conduct due diligence when selecting companies to install pervious concrete pavements.

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